What’s currently happening in this world???????????

Much like the Brexit and Trump nationalist movements, there is an anti-immigration movement going on in France. Centrist candidate Emmanuel Macron and far right leader Marine Le Pen are facing off in an unexpected final round of the France’s presidential race. Based on how countries have been thinking as of late, calling this unexpected might be the wrong word. Maybe shocking is a better word. This is a shocking development because the winner of this race may very well be the determining factor on how human beings are treated for a long time.

Basically, a Le Pen victory might be the final blow for the European Union, an organization created to unify Europe (duh!) after World War II that has had its issues with organization. If France were to leave the EU, then a domino effect would most likely occur, causing the EU to implode and the West to become increasingly nationalistic in nature. Intense nationalism is generally a bad thing for the world, because when every country is so overly proud about being that country, enemies pop up everywhere.

It’s like how Philadelphia Eagles fans are dicks everyone else because of their intense, irrational pride for their team. Imagine a world filled with Eagles fans, but each country has its own version of Eagles fans so they hate all of the other countries, so the world goes to shit because of violence between these hypothetical Eagles fan-based countries.

Immigration in Europe is different from immigration in the United States. Europe is a country filled with thousand year old cultures. The U.S.A. is 241 years old and it was founded on diversity. Maybe white diversity, but an unprecedented diversity that no other country has ever accomplished. European countries are inherently their own countries with their own individual identities. France is France. The United Kingdom is the United Kingdom. The European Union is now being viewed by countries as a way to take away their identities.

Because of Angela Merkel’s brash decision to let tons of immigrants into Europe, there has been a huge political backlash. None of these countries were prepared for Merkel’s action and many of them opposed it. Now there is an immigration problem. Now, extreme political ideologies are reviving, coming back from the shadows. Now, people are starting to show their racism. When I studied abroad in Vienna, Austria, I had the pleasure of seeing this on a public bus:


As a muslim, I hated seeing that… like A LOT. If Le Pen wins, hate strengthens.

Hate sucks. I hate hate.

P.s. Le Pen’s father Jean-Marie Le Pen is a convicted Holocaust denier who cofounded the National Front party, the party that Marine is leading.


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