Boston: Where Julian Edelman can become a household name in the NFL

I was literally joking to my friend who goes to college in Boston that Boston is just the all white version of Philadelphia. It is in a left-leaning state, but there are almost zero non-whites (besides Nerlens Noel, the one who got away). Look at the Patriots receiving core and try to tell me that it’s not different. The sports ideologies of Boston and Philadelphia actually don’t stray too far from eachother with the overwhelming disparity being the fact that Philadelphia doesn’t win like Boston does. Realistically though, no one wins like Boston. That sounds horrible, and I’m really sad that I said it, but if it wasn’t for Boston’s winning culture and confidence, Barstool Sports would probably not be where it is today.

Tangents aside, Boston is white. Like, very white. That’s why SNL’s Michael Che decided to poke fun at the city by referring to it as the most racist city in the U.S. that he’s visited. This was in regards to him wanting Atlanta, which in his own words is “the blackest city in America,” to beat New England in the Superbowl. It was a relatively light-hearted joke that a decent number of Bostonians did not take a liking to, so naturally, Che got some hate on social media. In response to one particularly angry watcher, Che told her, “Talk to your closest Black friend and tell them to explain it to you.” “Touche” was her answer.

Che did not say this with any real animosity towards the city. He was just speaking his mind about his own experiences with Boston. He even said that he loves the city of Boston the same way he loves his racist grandmother. Also, he rationalized his own speech by claiming that he is just trying to be more presidential.

As a comedian, there is a fine line between prejudice and comedy, and Che is maybe toeing it, but is what he said really that bad or inaccurate? It’s fairly known that the northeast is more white and more liberal the higher you go up, but like Get Out showed, there is absolutely racism and it is just as bad. I agree with his statement. Plus his “presidential response” is awesome. A little fighting fire with fire isn’t always good, but at least, it’s amusing.


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