Get Out

Jordan Peele, most famous for his sketch comedy show with Keegan-Michael Key known as Key & Peele, is on track to make history. His new film, Get Out, opened in theaters on Friday and still has a 100% from 135 reviews on Rotten Tomatoes. From the name, it doesn’t sound like a humorous film. In fact, funny man Jordan Peele has created a horror thriller masterpiece.

Get Out is a film that makes its viewers uncomfortable. Supposedly, it has its light-hearted moments, but never any jokes. No Jokes?????? Peele obviously took it seriously if there are no jokes.

In the film, the main character Chris Washington goes on a weekend getaway with his long-term white girlfriend to meet her parents, a big step in any relationship. Some odd stuff happens on the trip over and Rose’s parents seem a bit off. Chris just assumes it’s his parents shaking off their uneasiness. Their daughter dating a black man is unorthodox to them. Guess what? Some shady stuff is actually going on at Rose’s estate! The movie just goes bonkers once the plot begins to unfold.

Peele wrote the film as a take on sentiments towards African-Americans in the U.S. This was all written before The Donald was elected as president, so the message may actually be stronger now. Peele has never been one to stay away from societal commentary. The sketches in Key & Peele have a lot great messages, but they are masked in a sense by the the comedy. Peele’s message in Get Out is similar and simple: Stay woke.



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