Smells like Authority

“Donald Trump” is probably the first thing written down on a lot of papers these days. Crime rates are probably not increasing significantly enough to enact three executive orders that will beef up law enforcement. “Donald Trump” just signed three executive orders that will effectively beef up our law enforcement. I don’t like this. Why do I not like this, you ask? Good question.

Not only is everybody on Donald Trump’s cabinet an imbecile, but a good portion of them are raging bigots with money and now crazy amounts of power. The newest official addition to this fun group of horrible people is Jeff Sessions, a well-known racist who has done a lot of overtly racist things in the public eye. He is our new attorney general! Woohoo!

“Donald Trump” is adding laws that will create new crimes. He is making crimes. This seems like a crime because these crimes are 100% going to effect “minorities.” African Americans are the posterchildren of “minorities,” not that they ever asked for this treatment.

Everything that “Donald Trump” has done so far has helped white people keep their privilege, which has hurt non-white people. It totally isn’t surprising. Our real president is 80% Steve Bannon, who is a raging hater of non-white people, with a dash of Pence and the other cronies. FDT.


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