$20 of Progress

At a time when our civil rights are being undermined by possibly the most privileged and corrupt leader of our nation’s history, we can still make progress.  Before the election, on April 20th, 2016, it was decided that Harriet Tubman, one of the most important African American figures in our history, would replace Andrew Jackson, a controversial white male president who’s gave the Trail of Tears the go, actively promoting the demise of the Native American people, the original Americans.  This is of extreme symbolic importance.  Some would even call it a power move for a sadistic bigot to be replaced by a hero who saved so many lives.

It’s unclear when the new bills will circulate to the public, but the year 2020 has been talked about.  We shall see.

Obviously, this is just a symbol.  It is not action.  It is not something that will have a serious effect immediately on people, but it is important for African Americans to have representation, and this shows that there has been some progress.  It is still a never ending battle, and it seems like we have gone backwards since our new president The Donald’s inauguration, but We, the People must keep fighting.

The United States government is built on conservative ideals.  Progress only happens when those ideals are more or less attacked.  We have a push-pull system of progress where going against the status quo is 100% necessary.  Harriet Tubman realized that slave attitudes were in the dumps.  She knew that if African Americans stayed in their pacified state, they would never gain their rightful freedom.  She led the Underground Railroad to help her people escape the shackles of enslavement and progress as human beings.

To progress, the people must take chances, go against the grain, and never settle for “fine.”


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